FORMATION OF THE CLUB: Way back in 1967 a group of motor enthusiasts at Sturton by Stow decided to form a motor racing club and with the help of a few dedicated friends this venture got off the ground and a club was formed. The name given to the club was the STURTON & STOW MOTOR SPORTS CLUB. The actual date of formation was the 19th June 1967.

FIRST MEETING OF THE NEW CLUB: The first race meeting of the new club was held on 15th July 1967, in a field by the side of Tillbridge road near Sturton by Stow, this field was loaned to the club by Messrs, Bradshaw Bros. Local farmers.

Caenby Corner: On 13th August 1967 the club held its first meeting at Caenby Corner, this was now to be the clubs new permanent site until the end of the season.

INGHAM AIRFIELD: On 12th April 1968, the club moved to another new site, this time at Ingham Airfield. This was to remain the home of the race meetings until April of 1972. Some of the best Grass Track racing ever seen was staged at Ingham Airfield, and word of the club soon spread and made this a popular sport. Two day race meetings were introduced whilst at Ingham, and these were held on the Saturday and Sunday of the August Bank Holiday, with racing on both days and a beat dance marquee on the Saturday night.

LINCOLNSHIRE SHOWGROUND: After successful negotiations with the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, the club moved to the Lincolnshire Showground in 1972 to its new site for racing, the showground saw some fantastic racing and in 1984 the club joined NASA and soon became known as one of the best tracks in England, this was to end in 2003.

FALDINGWORTH AIRFIELD: Based here just for the 2004 season.

CAENBY CORNER: New venue as from 2006 season. Improvements to the venue are being made constantly.

CGTRO LEAGUE: We belong to the CGTRO (Car Grass Track Racing Organisation) League, which consists of three clubs: Sturton and Stow, Scunthorpe and Trent.

NASA LTD: Back in 1983, our League joined the governing body- NASA Ltd. This enables our drivers who obtain a National Licence to race at approximately 50 clubs within NASA, as far away as Ireland, Wales, Isle of Wight, as well as locally such as Cambridge; York; Yorkshire Dales; Nottingham; Spalding; Radford etc.

NATIONAL FIXTURES: A Natioanl Fixture book is complied yearly by NASA Ltd and distributed free of charge, this includes race dates for the current season as well as details of current racing venues and contact names for each club / league.

RACING CLASSES: There are 10 classes: 7 Saloon and 3 specials classes. Ranging from 1000cc unmodified minis to class 10 specials.

JUNIORS: You can start racing from the age of 12 in the junior class (12-16 years) but only allowed to race in a class one car and / or junior specials.

ENJOYMENT: This is like a family sport, where you make friends very easily, travelling to different venues round the country to one and two day meetings, camping facilities are made available at most venues.

INFORMATION: Should you require a fixture book, or rule book (£3.00) or need any more information, please contact Terry or Sandy Williams on 01522 684493, mobile: 07778 922987, email: