2006 Class Championship Points

Final Class Standings

Class Champion Runner Up Third
Mens One ST90 | Pete Hamp ST54 | Tom Bell ST38 | Andy Ostridge
Mens Two ST72 | Jason Mills ST550 | Dave Parr ST5 | Dennis Dalzell
Mens Three ST441 | Aaron Mackenzie
Mens Four ST135 | Andrew Wood ST331 | Michael Taylor ST132 | Michael West
Mens Five ST25 | Tim Daly ST88 | Andrew Wood ST136 | David Wood
Mens Six ST555 | Colin Richardson ST30 | Andy Cooper ST130 | Pete West & ST811 | Simon Gleadall
Mens Seven L1 | Dave Fretwell ST7 | Dave & John Onyon
Mens Eight ST514 | Alyson Ostridge ST44 | Dan Mackenzie ST77 | Norman Ross
Mens Nine ST131 | Dave West ST10 | James Brooks
Mens Ten ST337 | Alan Ostridge T41 | John Whitehouse SC3 | Ken Salt
Ladies Eleven ST447 | Tina Turner ST100 | Maureen Leason ST474 | Kelly Hornby
Ladies Eleven A ST218 | Sally James ST74 | Laura Makar ST16 | Sarah Chilvers
Ladies Twelve ST47 | Tina Turner ST888 | Wendy Standish
Ladies Thirteen
Ladies Fourteen ST131 | Dave West ST10 | Helen Leason ST40 | Debbie Kettlewell
Junior Saloons ST447 | Jamie Hornby L2 | Ayrton Fretwell L6 | Alex Fretwell
Junior Specials ST8 | Lewis Brown ST37 | Matt Boucher


Other Trophies

The Bernard Mason CGTRO Grand Prix Championship

First Second Third
ST550 | Dave Parr SC69 | Colin Edley SC355 | Greg & Jake Whitehouse


The Dave Hodgson Junior Championship L2 | Ayrton Fretwell
The Hector Worrell Mens Champion of Champions ST550 | Dave Parr